The Ancients: Hidden Secret


Starting NPC: Shajin Graywine
Town: Pantheon of the Ancients
Chunk: Strand of the Ancients
Continent: Thestra
Ending Chunk: Same
Diplomacy Needed:
Faction Needed:
Presence Needed: 2000 academic, crafter, outsider
Quest Chain: The Ancients
Previous Quest: The Ancients: Promises
Next Quest: , , , The Ancients: Lane,

Quest Description:


Speak to Sajin

  • The Ancients: Rundown - Requires 2000 academic

Speak to a Teasure Hunter

  • The Ancients: Hunter's Part - Requires 2000 outsider

Speak to an Excavator

  • The Ancients: Excavaor's Part - Requires 2000 crafter

Find Hidden Key Shard

  • in T2 hall, Right side in a jug

Find Stored Key Shard

  • in T2 hall, Left side in a bag


plat.jpg Gold.png Silver.png Copper.png


Faction Changes:

Other Rewards:



Quest Offering:
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Quest Completion

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