No More Mythos


Starting NPC: Ashlyn Blackshield
Quest Level: 19
Class: All Classes
Sub Class:
Required Faction:
Starting Town: New Targonor
Starting Chunk: New Targonor
Continent Thestra
/Loc: 28759, 29352, 36477
Quest Chain: Artisans Saga - Banisers Quest Line
Previous Quest:
Next Quest: The Failure of the Order


  • craft Order of Mythos Experimentation.

Materials Needed:

  • This will require a tier 1 resource and vendor crafting supplies.


  • Ashlyn will put another recipe in your recipe book under special recipes.
  • You need to craft Order of Mythos Experimentation.
  • As an outfitter this required 1 jute cloth bolt.
  • The recipe will be different from other recipes.
  • Each step of this recipe requires more action points than any other recipe I have ever seen.
  • If any complications arise do not try to clear them.
  • If you try to clear them you will not complete the recipe.
  • As a level 50 crafter I finished the recipe with only about 50 action points left over.
  • At the first step pick any of the 3 possible items.
  • Which item you pick depends on what crafting supply vendor items you have in your bags.
  • Once you finish crafting the item return to Ashlyn and turn in the quest.


plat.jpg 0 Gold.png 0 Silver.png 5 Copper.png 0

Experience: ?

  • Banisher Harveting Vest (+10 Harvesting +0.031 Min Units Per Hit)
  • Banisher Harveting Trousers (+8 Harvesting +0.031 Min Units Per Hit)
  • Bountiful Harvesting Toolbelt (10 slots General Harvesting +10 Harvest Skill +10)

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