Lorestone Quests

Most of the Lorestone Locations were contributed by a combined effort by members of Exile, Phoenix Knights 3305, Core & Cult of the Angry Goblin, and given to the site by Exile. Everyone give them a Huge thank you for the information!

Strange appearances of a being known as Theophilus has cause some concern. Legend says he is the harbinger of many dreadful prophecies. The scholar known as Stabbas the Diligent has more information on what is happening and he invites all explorers to find him. ~ Silius, update notes 8/30/12.

To start the quest's you first need to find "Stabbas the Diligent" who is located outside of Mekalia. After talking to him and paying 10gold, you are able to start the quest(s). To obtain each quest find one of the lorestones and click on it or say "Lore" this will record the lorestone in your journal and give you the quest.

Once you have completed the quests you need to find Theophilus who appears and disappears from different chunks. There is a large red text (will get that here soon) that appears when he comes into a chunk and when he leaves. So far the known chunks that he can be in are: Blighted Lands, Strand of the Ancients, Ridge of Memories, Rhaz, Phankor Zhi, Silverlake, Frostshard Lake, ?

Stabbas Dialogue:

Stabbas%20Text%201.png Stabbas%20Text%202.png
Stabbas%20Text%203.png Stabbas%20Text%204.png
Stabbas%20Text%205.png Stabbas%20Text%206.png
Stabbas%20Text%207.png Stabbas%20Text%208.png
Stabbas%20Text%209.png Stabbas%20Text%2010.png
Stabbas%20Text%2011.png Stabbas%20Text%2012.png

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  • Download the updated InfoMap, it includes the POI Locations for the lorestones.

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